An “Attitude of Gratitude”

Any avid reader of self-improvement books (I’m a bit of an addict) has read over and over about the importance of gratitude.    Oprah used to promote a “gratitude journal”–the idea is simple, write down 10 good things about your day just before you go to bed.  She swore it was a life-changer!  I’m not disciplined enough to do a gratitude journal every single day, but when Oprah calls something a life-changer,  I pay attention.

So, there must be something to this gratitude idea.  I’ve been trying to practice an “attitude of gratitude” this week.

A random list of things I am grateful for this week–no significant order–

1.)  My children are back at school!  I love them -and love summer too- but it was time!

2.)  I hired a great assistant.  She was worth the 20 that I spoke to in order to find her.  She is pleasant and professional and will be a great addition to my team.

3.)  Stuart Turnbull promoted my Grocery Store Goldmines book and we sold a bunch of copies.  I posted a “guest blog” on his site and it was a lot of fun hearing from all his followers.  This has led to email communication with new contacts.  I always enjoy hearing the stories of other entrepreneurs.  I am even further grateful to help them through my experiences.

4.)  Susan Whitehead contacted me to learn more about Grocery Store Goldmines.  We spoke for over an hour.  She has similar interests and comes from a similar place in life (she is also an internet entrepreneur and has a large family.)  I was very inspired to hear her story and learn from her.

5.)  My daughter Adrienne, who broke her collarbone 3 weeks ago, is mending!   Her surgeon said today that she will be able to play the last month of soccer season.  This is a big deal for a 10th grade soccer player.

6.)  My mobile marketing project is starting to build momentum!  I’ve been working with local businesses for awhile and this project is going to be a great way to connect these businesses with their customers.  I love projects that are win-win-win (the business wins, the customer wins and I win!)


7.)  My sister has found a stable home for one of the two kittens she found this week.  I am a huge animal lover and am always happy for adoption stories.

8.)  My husband found an eye doctor he can trust.  He had to drive 90 miles to Chicago to do this, but he has specific and specialized eye issues and I am grateful the right doctor is available for him.

9.)  My seven year old has found a new friend.  They have spent the last two afternoons playing, quietly(!), in our basement.  A friend is an important thing for all of us.

10.) My dad and his wife finally got brave enough to join Skype (we’ll work on Facebook next!)  My kids will be able to visit with them more often and in person.  Skype is awesome for those of us living away from family.  Welcome to the 21st century dad!

I find that what you focus on increases (I know, real Rhonda Byrne type stuff!)  I am going to embrace this attitude of gratitude and see what happens.




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6 thoughts on “An “Attitude of Gratitude”

  1. Your “attitude of gratitude” reminds me of a program I listen to from Tony Robbins. As part of his “hour of power”, you start off a daily walking / running regimen by giving thanks for all the things in your life you can think of. Being grateful takes away the stress, and of course, there are so many things to be grateful for when we take the time to think about them. Thanks for the inspiration from your post!


  2. Hi Wendy, Thanks so much for the great inspiration from this post and your book. I bought it last week and I was blown away. I am a student of Skip’s (and all his helpers), and have learned so much the last year. I sell on both ebay and amazon and have had moderate success. I am pleased and am looking forward to the new holiday season that I plan to do well with. Your book was such a great eye opener….I really can sell a lot of things I never dreamed of. Thanks again, and would love to hear from you. Pat

  3. Hey Wendy! Wow…I’m blushing over being mentioned in your list. Truly humbled. I really enjoyed our chat (and even listening to it again as I edited the audio).

    It really reinforced how nice it is to have someone else to talk to about these crazy business ideas we come up with. Family and friends are great, but often they don’t understand the challenges online business owners face…and therefore can’t offer much support on how to get through them.

    I look forward to following your posts here and seeing what new ideas you’re able to turn into businesses.

    Have a great week…I’ll be in touch soon. :)

  4. Wendy, You are an inspiration! You do so many things and you do them all so well! I enjoyed reading your blog. You, for sure, would be on my gratitude list. I have also tried the gratitude list, but I thought it was only 5 things. You got me beat. I am going right to my kindle and buy your book. I love you very much. You’re my kind of kid!