Unleash The Power Within…a Weekend with Tony Robbins!

l had the privilege of spending the past four days and nights with Tony Robbins and 5,000 of his raving fans.  It is an experience I will never forget!

Tony Robbins–in case he needs an introduction–is the crazy, energetic, self improvement maverick that has been teaching personal empowerment techniques to millions of people over the past 3 decades.  Some of his rich and famous clients pay him $1,000,000 per year for 12 hours of individual coaching.  He assists the “best of the best” in getting through their particular obstacles (his clients include Serena Williams, Bill Clinton and Andre Agassi) and also works (in large seminar settings or through his team of coaches) with millions of people worldwide.

I’ve been a fan of personal development for years and I’ve been especially into the concepts taught by Tony Robbins and similar coaches since starting my own business.  Developing myself is almost an obsession.  It is hard to believe, but even at my middle age, I’m still figuring myself out.

But, at least, I’m not alone.  I met 5000 similar people at last weekend’s event and we had an enriching experience that I will never forget.

Several friends and associates have asked my opinion on Tony Robbin’s Unleash the Power Within event since I’ve returned and I want to take a few minutes to provide a summary and some insight.

The Unleash The Power Within event is 3 1/2 days full of impact and useful information for anyone open to change or trying to make a breakthrough.  I do think a person must be OPEN to changing in order to benefit–you probably cannot drag an unwilling partner with you to try to “fix” them.   In other words, if you are not interested in improving (ie–you are perfect already or completely content in your imperfect state) there is no point in attending.

The great thing is that Tony Robbins is incredibly articulate and completely inspiring.  He really wants people to create their best possible life and it shows in everything he does.  Just watching this man perform for the weekend is inspiring.

A quick summary of Unleash the Power Within:

Day 1 opened with a lot of fanfare.  Think rock concert.  The crowd is crazy and excited and when Tony came on stage the enthusiasm only went up.  After listening to him speak for a few minutes it is obvious–the man is brilliant, compassionate and passionate.  He is the real deal and it is impossible not to be impressed.  We spent most of day 1 learning about our own blueprint–our unique way of experiencing the world and what makes us do what we do.    Day 1 ended with most of us doing “the firewalk” and yes, I walked across 1200 degree coals!  Some people consider this a life-changer, others just a good bar story.  Either way, it certainly opens your eyes to what you can do.

Day 2 was run by Tony’s top coach, Joseph McClellan III.  Joseph is a great speaker and a great motivator.  The day went by quickly as we learned the ultimate success formula and the power of beliefs.  Most of the activities are interactive and you get really comfortable sharing your stories and strategies with strangers.  Even more comfortable hugging and high-fiving them.  We learned about momentum and progress.  The cool thing is that every situation is directed inward–in other words you are learning a ton about your own philosophy and identifying the life you want and how to best get there.

Day 3 begins with the “Dickens” method of eliminating your limiting beliefs.  It is a long, emotional process.  Definitely worth a try if there is anything holding you back.  Tony discusses the best plan for mastering anything and gives a boatload of ideas and opinions.  There is quite a bit of selling during the middle of the day–I expected this and didn’t really mind.

Day 4 is run by Joseph again.  The top focus is getting yourself in the best possible physical shape.  There are ideas about breathing and moving and eating.  The idea is that your physiology is key to a great life–without a good physiology you have a hard time being in a good state and achieving excellent–or outstanding–results.  This day dragged a bit for me–I am familiar already with many of the concepts.  I have resolved to take the 10 day challenge of eating mostly plant based foods and drinking a lot of water.  I’ll keep you posted.

Overall, the event was outstanding.  A worthwhile trip for anyone interested in seriously improving their life.  My advice if you go–

Dress warm and bring a lot of layers.  The auditorium was kept quite chilly.  We were told of this in our registration, but bring more than you think you’ll need.

Bring food—easy to eat, healthy food.  There are few breaks and it is hard to get 5000 people through lines.

Consider upgrading to a front row seat.  We paid the basic rate and sat toward the back, but I think I would have really appreciated watching the stage over a screen.

If you are considering attending–GO!  I waited years to go and only wish I would have done it sooner.



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