You and your crazy ideas

flowerCrazy ideas are the parents of creative businesses and ingenious inventions.  “Crazy” ideas are what change lives.

Think about it.

Every business you drive by (whether in your car or with your mouse) started with a “crazy” idea.

Glance around the room you are sitting in right now–everything you see is the result of a crazy idea. The clock on the wall, the fridge, the toaster, the sliding glass door.  This computer you are looking at and the internet you are searching on were once the ideas of people just like you.

These ideas appeared impossible at their inception.  Think about how the Wright brothers must have sounded to their friends and neighbors-two silly kids trying to fly!  Consider the first person who decided to track time with a clock, or the first person who  mapped out the internet.

Many businesses also seem crazy initially.   Twenty years ago it would be hard to imagine explaining to anyone that coffee at some places would cost $6 a cup.  Or that we would spend as much money on drinking water as we do on milk.

Think about it:

Every successful endeavor you can think of started with a “crazy” idea!

What made these ideas take off?  How do the folks who start businesses manage to keep their enthusiasm strong for their half-baked crazy ideas?

They protect their ideas. They keep them safe from idea-crushing people.

Let’s face it–people can be pretty negative and even folks who love us and wish us the best will crush a great idea in seconds flat.  Even if they don’t say outright that the idea is silly, their body language or attitude often kills the idea.  It isn’t that they don’t wish us well, they usually do, they just have an outlook that doesn’t include new ideas or new ways of thinking.  Often, they think they are doing us a favor–saving us from wasting time or getting too excited.  They are trying to save us from expecting too much.

Do not fall into any approval traps.  You must not let the opinion of others slow you down or stop you!  This cannot be over-emphasized.  Most people are striving for “average.” And average is not what you are here to be.

You must move beyond the usual ways of thinking.  Your same old thinking is never going to make your life better or even different.  If you continue to ignore or reject your crazy ideas, you will be more or less the same for the rest of your life.

Your current level of thinking has gotten you to exactly where you are right now.  And if you are not living the life of your dreams and you don’t see the life of your dreams in your near future, your level of thinking MUST change.

YOU HAVE TO PROTECT YOUR IDEAS AND DREAMS WITH YOUR LIFE!  Treat it like the very fragile seed it is and do not let anyone else’s opinion make you neglect it or discount it.

Your idea’s biggest threat, however, is not other people.    The biggest threat to your great idea is you.  For many reasons, your own mind will start to talk you out of your idea.  You will start to have fear: fear of failure, fear of looking stupid or fear of wasting time.  You will start to convince yourself your idea is silly or time-consuming or unworthy.  DO NOT ALLOW YOU TO KILL YOUR IDEA!

Trust me on this—I have seen it happen many times in my own mind.

My self-talk used to be pretty negative:  Wendy, how on earth can you run a business with four kids?   Isn’t life ‘good enough’ as it is?  Your life is the same as all of your friends and they seem pretty happy, why change anything?  Why work so hard when everything is ‘pretty nice’?  Are you greedy? Are you trying to show off?

The biggest threat to my ideas and to my success came from within my own mind.  I had to rewire my thinking, big-time, to overcome my own limiting beliefs.  It is hard to unravel 40 years of beliefs, but I have managed to teach myself to think, believe and behave differently than I did five years ago.  And differently than my entire upbringing had taught me.  This re-wiring was (is!) tough work but it has made a major difference in my outlook and on my achievement.

Your great ideas and business ventures need to be protected.  You must stay on guard against anyone (especially yourself) who makes your idea seem silly or impossible.

What is your great (crazy) idea?  If your dream is on the forefront of your mind right now you are 100 steps in front of most people.  If it doesn’t, that’s o.k., you just get to embark on some soul-searching.

If you have to re-discover your dreams, start today.  There are many inside of you, I am certain.  If you are anything like me, you might have to go digging for them.  Years of pushing dreams back, ignoring them and discounting them often makes them hard to even remember.  But they are still there–I promise.

You owe it to yourself to go within and find them.  If you do nothing else this weekend, or next weekend, or the weekend after that, it is okay.  You owe it to yourself to go within yourself and find your crazy ideas, to remember your dreams.

Start with these questions:  What gets you excited?  What do you love?  If you had 100 million dollars in the bank how would you spend your time?  What do you want your legacy to be?

Pull those ideas back out, dust them off and pick the one that speaks the most clearly to you.

Now, rekindle the flame of that idea.  Give it the room and the nourishment it needs.

Picture yourself achieving this dream.  Really imagine it–see yourself living with this dream accomplished or in progress.  Put this image in the front of your mind and recall it daily.

Commit to make one step toward accomplishing your idea tomorrow.  And two more steps before next week.  You will start to get momentum.  Grab your momentum and your dream and continue to take small steps.  Eventually your steps will get bigger, your dream larger and more concrete and within a few months you will see serious progress.

You only go through this life once my friends—you owe it to yourself to hold steadfast to your dreams and accomplish all you are meant to be!

Your comments are always welcome here and so are your dreams.

Thank you—








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