A New Year!!!

LibertyI love a new year. A fresh start and a chance to really evaluate where I am with all my goals, dreams and desires.

Goal setting is something I do all year round. I am constantly looking toward the future (while enjoying the moment–really this is a fact) and figuring out when, where and how I want my future to look. The more concrete I can make my future picture, the more likely it will become my present reality.

Three years ago I sat down at the traditional time (New Years Eve) and listed out all my business and personal goals. I put them into categories with monthly checkpoints. I had a goal of making a certain amount of money. I realized I needed a big WHY in order to achieve that goal. You see, we were in a pretty comfortable place financially and without a big “why” I wasn’t sure if I would be motivated enough.

I thought about how much I like to travel and how much I enjoy travelling in style (think weeks at Disney, cruise ships, beach front resorts.) I also thought about how precious I consider time with my extended family and how we have never really vacationed together. I decided that if I earned a certain amount of money I would take everyone on a great vacation.

I held that dream as a vision. And I continued to grow my business. In 2014 I turned that dream into reality, I took eleven people on a Caribbean cruise!

And yes, we had an awesome time.

This trip reminded me of the important of a WHY and also about how important it is to follow through with the rewards and promises we make to ourselves.

Going into 2015 I am setting up my visions and goals for the upcoming year. Again, I need an important WHY to inspire me. I am going to spend some time soul-searching and meditating on what is important to me now.

What are your dreams and ambitions? And most importantly, what are your ‘whys?”


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