Online Arbitrage or…Just Saving Money When Shopping Online

I had a great tutorial with a friend over the weekend who is an EXPERT at online arbitrage (OA.)  Online arbitrage is a term used by online sellers to indicate buying products at one online site to resell them at another.  Usually these products are resold on Amazon.  OA is utilized by thousands of online sellers and the biggest season (you might have already guessed!) is 4th quarter.

Manufacturers try to guess demand of all their products and make the right amount to sell through the busiest season of the year.  This is difficult, of course, and many times certain products are hard to find.  People using online arbitrage as a strategy will attempt to profit from the shortage of products.  Basically, they are bringing these hard to find products to the public at a premium price.

I have bought and sold online for years and am learning the best way to add OA to my bag of tricks.  A simple step in this process is saving as much money as possible when purchasing product.  I learned some amazing tricks this weekend and share them above in a five minute video.  We used and to get every discount available.  Watch the video, though, for some extra guidelines.

OA Hack:  Saving Money When Shopping Online


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