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Most of us are in the online selling journey to generate real income.  Of course.  We start out small (usually) make a few mistakes (always) and look for ways to source or create products that sell for 10-1000% more than we spend on them.  We want to sell them fast and we need to constantly pivot our products, our listings and our business based on competition, supply and demand.  It can be very challenging and sometimes stressful but also rewarding and extremely fun.  If you want to earn money selling online, join us!   There are articles and videos all across this website to get you started.

A select few people, folks I am hoping to meet in the upcoming months, are credit card gurus looking to generate “spend” on their credit cards so as to get more points and more travel vouchers.  This post is dedicated to them.

If you are starting your online selling business with the main goal of generating spend you can approach online selling completely differently.  I am actually a little envious-I find dozens of opportunities each week that I have to turn down because the profit is too small.  As a credit card point ninja, you are in the perfect position to capitalize on these opportunities that most online sellers are bypassing.

There are thousands of products that are relatively easy to find that will allow you to pay online selling fees (to Amazon or eBay) and make just a bit of money.  Believe me—sellers like me stumble upon them every single day!

You see, the secret to selling on Amazon (or eBay or any other large third party platform) is finding product at enough of a discount to pay the selling fees, which can run about 30% of the sales price if you sell FBA, and enough of an additional discount to make money.  Staples, or commodity type items, go on sale every single day and you can easily get them at a price that allows you to flip them over to Amazon and break even.

In an effort to bring together two of my favorite groups of people—Amazon Sellers and Travel Hackers—I am going to create a short guide teaching you how to do this.  I figure I can put it together in the next couple of weeks.  Please enter your email here to get your free copy. This will be fun!

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