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#Dispense Wellness_previewImagine if you could design your own supplemented water and within a few seconds have your unique water blend ready to drink? LifeFuels is releasing a product that allows you to create your own nutrient dense water. You choose the supplements, the doses and even the flavors and the LifeFuel bottle instantly gives you what you asked for.

One day might call for a certain vitamins and supplements, the next day might call for another group altogether. It is all about how you feel and what you need at the moment. Need a pick-me-up? Create your water with caffeine and B vitamins. Having a hard time winding down? Choose melatonnin and chamomile. Recovering from a tough morning at the gym? Lifefuels has a workout recovery blend that will help you along.

LifeFuels-Product-Line-Up-2_previewLifefuels is a new company and this is their first product. It’s a water bottle with space at the bottom to insert three pods with varying nutrition qualities (LifeFuels currently has eight or nine pods that you can choose from, they are planning on introducing more in the future.) I got to personally check out the Lifefuels system at a recent trade show. The bottle was sturdy and well made and the pods slid in and out easily. I didn’t get a chance to experience the app, but my guess is that it is seamless and answers any and all questions you might have about your drinking habits.

Being a bit of a health nerd and always looking for the next edge, this water bottle is very appealing to me. I can see folks in the gym and in extreme sports finding a use for this custom made water. I can also visualize our millennial generation-who love all things unique and custom–finding a home for the Lifefuels Water Bottle.

Let’s face it–nutrition is no longer a one-size fits all situation; we all need different things at different times. This product allows us to create our own nutrient dense drink based on our individual day, mood and tastebuds.

Lifefuels is currently taking preorders; order the best water bottle yet at Lifefuels.


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