My Life & 1000 Houses by Mitch Stephen

Mitch_Stephen-2My second book of this year turned out not to be a “beach book” either.  I love a good story and I am inspired by entrepreneurs.  This book has both.  Mitch Stephen is an everyday guy who writes in an everyday way and tells his story and how went from broke to investing in 1000 houses over a decade or two.  His writing is easy to read and his advice (if I may call it that—he doesn’t really try to “advise,” he simply explains what has worked and not worked for him) is practical and useful.

He has done a lot of what we all do with real estate–he has flipped, he has rented, he has built.  He found an interesting niche in the manufactured home business as well.  As a side business, he owns storage units.  My husband and I are especially intrigued by his main real estate game–selling homes on land contract and then selling off the notes.  We can always find a lot of people who want us to finance the homes we are trying to sell.  Up until reading Mr. Stephen’s story, we have been reluctant to do this.  But with this new-to-us idea of selling off the notes, it may be a viable business option for us in the future.

He now sells systems for getting into real estate–an idea I respect a lot.  He has a few plus for his website throughout the book.  Again, not something I mind at all, teaching what we have lived and what others can benifit from is a respectable and smart business to start.  I haven’t visited the website, but I imagine it to be as down to earth and useful as his book.

I especially enjoyed hearing the random stories he puts at the end of the book.  He includes a bunch of random, humorous ancedotes from his life experiences.  A great read from begining to end.  “Five Stars”  Thanks Mitch!


I Can See Clearly Now by Dr. Wayne Dyer

downloadI am not going to lie—I used to love a great “beach” book!  I am looking forward to the day I can again escape into romance and fictional trials and tribulations.  I tried really hard on my last vacation to get absorbed into a good, easy read, but Wayne Dyer’s latest book showed up under my Christmas tree and I couldn’t resist.

If you do not know Dr. Dyer, let me introduce him.  He is a psychologist turned spiritual leader and I have watched him evolve through his last couple of books.  His videos can be found all over PBS and YouTube and the man is a great speaker.

This latest book serves as his memoir and chronicles his life from orphan to military servant to doctor of psychology.  He looks back at his life and “connects the dots” (to steal a phrase from Steve Jobs’ famous commencement address at Stanford.)  Dr. Dyer looks at all the events in his life–and especially how he took advantage of the good and the bad—and sees how they led him to the spiritually and financially abundant life he now leads.

I found the book to be insightful and entertaining.  I am, however, already a huge fan of Dr. Dyers and have always been curious about how his writing evolved from psychology and self help to spiritual leadership.  If you are new to Dr. Dyer, this book could serve as a fantastic introduction but it may not be as compelling of a read.

His references to his other books reminded me of how many I haven’t read.  He has written like 48 or 49 books!    I ordered his first book, The Erroneous Zones, on Amazon while I was reading.

The last chapter I Can See Clearly Now is especially inspiring.  It reminds all of us to play close attention to the coincidences and opportunities that appear in our lives.  It also reminds me that every moment is rich with possibility and to pursue all (and only) things that make my heart stir.

I would give this spiritual self help book five out of five stars.