The good news and the bad…YOU are in charge of your life!

I learned some time back that oftentimes good news and bad news are really two sides of the same coin.  In other words, good and bad news can sometimes be the exact same news–just seen in different ways.

Here is one thing I know for sure…information is just information, but whether it is “good” news or “bad” news is really dependent on how we look at it.

For example, suppose the news is…”I made less money than I wanted to this month!”  Most of us will see this as bad news…something to dwell upon and worry about.  However, it could also be seen as good news (I know, this is tough, go with me here–)  Making less money than you want is really a sign that you need to do something differently.  It is a sign that it is time to look at your current income stream(s) and change some things up.  It is a chance to ask yourself–“How can I make more money?” or “How can I change things to make more money?”

Or maybe the news is…”My kids are rude and out of control!”  Again, it appears to be bad news, but this can also be a sign that things need to change.  There are a million books written about how to “fix” your kids, but chances are you know what could change them.  They might need more time with you or better examples of how to act.  Their behavior is really an opportunity for you to implement some changes in their routine or their life.  This is probably trickier than the money example, but having out of control kids is also something YOU can work on to improve.

My news this week was from the doctor—I’ve gained 5 pounds this year.  My doctor pointed out that my weight is up, my cholesterol is up, by BP is up and my % of body fat is up!  After months of blaming my daughters for drying my jeans too long, I had to come out of denial.  It wasn’t the jeans:)  I do not have a weight problem, I’m lucky that way.  But 5 pounds does make a difference on someone who is 5’1″ on a tall day.  I spent the evening after the appointment angry.  “So what if I gain a little weight?” I said to myself.  But I knew I wasn’t going to be happy if this weight gaining trend continued.  Losing weight isn’t hard–I know what needs to be done.  Eat less, exercise more.  It is quite simple.  And I know if I start today, in one week’s time, I’ll feel better and my jeans will fit better.  So, I’m focusing on one week out—if I change things now it will be better in one week.  If I don’t, it will be the same.  It is all up to ME!  That is the good news, I am in charge.

The weight situation made me recall what I already know:  WE are in charge!  Your life is completely under your control.  You can earn what you want to earn, weigh what you want to weigh, have the relationships YOU want to have and live the life YOU choose.

Working on things in short time spans is a technique that works well for me.  Ask yourself what can be done TODAY that will make a difference in 7 days.

Here are some examples that might get you on the right track:

1.) Outline YOUR book

2.) Start YOUR blog

3.) Make a date with an important person

4.) Send a thank you note or letter to an important person

5.) Go for 4 long walks this week

6.) Check out a book from the library on a subject you want to learn about

7.) Sell 5 things on eBay that are taking up space in your house

8.) Find a chance to spend quality time with one of your kids (try a breakfast out!)

9.) Clean out one drawer in your house

10.) Call your mom (or brother or long-lost roommate)

Don’t overwhelm yourself with plans that are huge or goals that are so far out of reach that it will take forever to achieve them.  Think of one or two things that you can start with where you’ll see a difference in just a week.  Let me know how it goes.





“Why”…The most important question you can ask yourself

When you are starting or growing a business, the most important question to ask yourself is “why?”  Not what or how or who or when (these questions will resolve themselves eventually if you have a strong enough “why”)– but WHY?  Why are you doing this?

Every “why” is different. It is personal and unique to what YOU want from this journey.  It can be seemingly selfish (I just want a better purse!) or very charitable (I want to have the money to help my favorite charity.)  It might be very specific (I want to take the kids to Disney this winter) or very vague (I want the self-confidence associated with owning my own stream of income.)  Whatever it is, make it yours.  Make it real.  Write it down.

I wrote my “why” down and put it next to my computer right after I began selling on eBay.  It read  “I am growing this business so I can earn extra money to spend ‘guilt free’ on me and the family.  I want to take more vacations and be able to help pay for the dance and soccer and Tae Kwon Do lessons.  I also want to take some pressure off from Greg (my husband) being the sole breadwinner.”  Looking back, it was a big vague, but I did put it in writing–like all the books teach—and I did find myself rereading it on the days when the headaches of my business seemed overwhelming.

I know I pulled it out on the day I received my first negative on eBay and on the month when my sales went down by 50%.

Your “why” is there to get you through the tough days and remind you of the reasons you started this journey.  The more involved you are with your reasons for  starting, the more committed you’ll be to continue and overcome the difficulties that come with doing anything important.

It is also important to review and update your “why.”  You will eventually accomplish your “why” or your reasons for being in business will change as you change.  I’m at that stage right now.  My original “why” has been accomplished–for the most part.  A clear intention is important and I’m in the process of updating mine.  I am working on stretching my goals and really seeing myself achieve in ways I never could have imagined during the time of that first “why.”  I am spending some quality time reviewing my long-term financial and personal goals.  It is harder than it seems.  I intend to go big this time and want to make sure I can set up a “why” that resonates with me.

I am always curious what motivates other people.  If you are comfortable sharing, please let me know your “why.”

To our success,





Following The Footprints of Success…


The publication of “Grocery Store Goldmines” is bringing many emails  from folks starting or expanding their internet marketing income.  I LOVE getting the questions and hearing the stories of the folks who have contacted me–there is so much to learn from each other. It is a bonus of publishing the book I never really considered.

I pick hearing true life entrepreneur stories over watching TV or reading a magazine any day! These stories are what excite me and keep me going.

Come to think of it, much of what I’ve learned in this IM world has come from the autobiographies documented in blogs, emails and newsletters across cyber-space.  I started following a few great leaders three years ago and that has made all the difference in my online career.

I’ve merged and changed and updated those I follow, but each one of these people have added to my experience and taught me something.  Numerous great entrepreneurs have laid down guides for me and you to follow–footprints of a sort.

Follow the footprints of  the people you consider successful–find their clues–copy their ways.  By doing so, you’ll create your own journey.

If you are not already, sign up for the blogs and newsletters of those internet people that resonate with you. Find those that are a step or two further than you on the internet marketing road.  Most internet marketers share tons of GREAT information for free and endorse products that can be worth their weight in gold.  I owe much of my knowledge to the people I have followed over the past few years.

If I could change anything (and I don’t like dwelling on this sinkhole of a topic too much!) I would have been more vocal during those initial years of following these internet “gurus.”  I was a bit shy, at first, and didn’t want to “bother” anyone with my baby steps on eBay.  If this describes you in anyway,  learn from me and start right now to put yourself out there.

Most of the marketers, no matter how big and important they may appear, enjoy hearing about the baby steps (and big steps) and are very glad to offer help and encouragement.  So, when you find the people whose blogs you enjoy or whose newsletters you read, comment on the blogs and email the authors. Rejoice in their successes and ask questions and get to know them.  They will start to know you and most likely offer additional advice and ideas.

Sometimes, parked behind our computers at all ends of the globe, it is easy to forget that this World Wide Web is made up of real, down-to-earth human beings. We are all rooting for each other.  The connections you form online are just as important as the connections you make (or made) in the offline corporate world.  It is vital that you find people who you can bounce ideas off and brainstorm with.  These connections can even lead to projects and partnerships, like the publication of “Grocery Store Goldmines” and the support I’ve received from Stuart Turnbull.

If you haven’t already, find a few folks out here in cyber space that you can connect with–and then let them know who you are. 


Grocery Store Goldmines is published!

Today I released my first eBook!  Many thanks to my guide and mentor, Stuart Turnbull, for his support and advice.

“Grocery Store Goldmines” documents and teaches how anyone (and I mean anyone!) can earn money on eBay selling items from their local stores. I discovered and implemented this niche when I started looking for a reliable way to earn money on the internet.

Three years ago, my youngest daughter was just entering preschool and I knew my husband would soon be expecting me to go back to work.  I hated the idea of juggling a “regular” job around my kids’ schedules, so I started looking at alternative solutions.  I turned to eBay and started selling things from around the house. After hosting a month-long virtual garage sale, I was left wondering what else I could sell.

I didn’t have the money or space for inventory and I could see the advantage of selling the same product over and over rather than re-listing different products all the time.   A fluke eBay search led me to a virtual goldmine of products that I knew I could source at my local store.

I started selling grocery and beauty items that I got at our local Sam’s club and at Walmart.  My goal initially was to grow my eBay store to provide just $50 each day.  Within a few months I met that goal and soon I was busier than I could handle alone.  With the help of an assistant, I grew that niche into a powerhouse and sold hundreds of products each week.  “Grocery Store Goldmines” describes this niche and how anyone can easily duplicate my success.

I now work in several different niches online and offline and enjoy a lot of financial success.  I really believe this success is attainable to everyone.  There are many paths to success online and “Grocery Store Goldmines” describes just one.  It may be one you wish to follow or it may lead you to your own path.  Whatever path you take, there is an infinite number of opportunities to make money on the internet.


Trading on Craig’s List

Trading on Craigslist

There are several good ways an online retailer can utilize Craiglist.  Whether you are buying things to resell on other sites or selling your own wares, Craigslist has a bustling community of buyers and sellers and is almost always free.

For those of you not familiar with craigslist, it is a site with on line classified ads.  It is set up so you can search just in your local area (or in any other local area.)   To get to your own local area on the site, select your country, your state and then your town or the nearest town listed.

You will then find the site broken down into several sections.  There are sections on housing, jobs, personals, and my favorite–“for sale.”  You can browse this section by catagory and find things you may be able to resell for a profit on eBay.  Do your own research or use my favorite eBay selling tool, Terapeak, to see what the market value is before you buy.

Craigslist is also a great place to sell.  I use it mostly to see bulky or hard to ship items.  When we remodeled our kitchen, I sold our oven for $250.  Not bad–and it was wonderful not having to pay selling or listing fees, the sales price was total profit.

Craigslist is also where many folks are going to advertise their garage sales.  Use a combination of your local paper and craigslist to learn about all the sales.  There is even a section on craislist where people give stuff away–this is a section you want to check often because the good stuff moves quick.


The importance of mentors and guides…

It is hard to know where your internet marketing journey is going to take you.  I started marketing online in early 2009 and there have been many twists and turns in my journey as an entrepreneur.

I started out on eBay, selling stuff from around my house and quickly discovered an easy and profitable niche (revealed in my upcoming book Grocery Store Goldmines!)  Soon I built an eBay store that had volumes close to $20,000 a month.  I outsourced that part of my life and started selling a particular health product that quickly generated another $20,000 in revenue.  Since then, I’ve become involved with social media for local businesses.

I had no idea when I decided to try out this entrepreneur role where all of this would take me.  It is SO fun and exciting and I am having a blast!  It is hard to call what I do “work” because it is really an energizing journey that happens to earn money for me.

One of the biggest secrets to my success has been watching and following great internet leaders.  Jim Cockrum is definitely one of the most respected and highly regarded leaders out there.  I have been a big fan of his for a long time and he is now my coach.

I had the chance to meet him in person last weekend and I was a little star-struck at first.  To me it was as exciting as meeting Brad Pitt or Barack Obama!  It was actually even better than meeting a movie star, though,  because he is a person  who has accomplished so many of the things I hope to accomplish.

Wherever you are in you online marketing journey, the importance of guides and mentors cannot be emphasized enough.  It is easy to get isolated behind your ever churning keyboard.  Seek out success stories that resonate with YOU and follow their blogs and subscribe to their newsletters.  Shoot them an email or comment on a post.  Don’t be shy–we all enjoy getting feedback from our work.  There is so much free and useful information online and so much to be learned when you seek the education you desire.



Quick Cash Generating Ideas

Quick Cash Generating Ideas!

Need to jump start your cash flow? There are endless ways to make some quick money.  at My Silent Team, James Jones, has written a great ebook, entitled “101 Emergency Cash Generators.”   Members at My Silent Team have access to this book for free, or you can get your own copy for free right here. 101 Emergency Cash Generators

This ebook is LOADED with creative ways to generate money online and offline. It would be impossible not to make money using James’s ideas. A few of my favorites:

Cash Generator #43 Garage Sale Sale Traffic Guru
Lots of people have garage sales every weekend. Their biggest challenge is getting traffic to the garage sale. Offer to solve this problem for them. Use the local newspaper to find where the garage sales are. Approach the garage sale host during the week prior to the sale. For $25, offer to place a bunch signs within a 10 mile radius. Have the signs printed up in advance leaving the date and time blank. Have the signs made up in advance leaving the date and time blank. If you score ten Garage Sales in a weekend, you can generate close to $250. (Remember to take the signs down when you are finished.)

Cash Generator #48 Professional Lint Remover Last year more than 15,000 house fires were started from the lint in people’s dryer. Most people do not even realize lint buildup can be a problem. They often call their local appliance repair shop because they think the dryer isn’t working right, when the problem is actually lint buildup. Cleaning dryer lint is quite easy (but most people have NO CLUE how to do it!) You need some simple tools–a vacuum cleaner with a hose and a chimney sweep with an extension pole (check you local hardware store.) To clean the dryer, disconnect the vent from the back of the dryer and run the chimney sweep all the way to where the vent goes outside. Loosen all the lint. Then vacuum it out.

This should be a very easy service to sell considering the safety issue. If you are not comfortable going door to door, you could sell it through flyers or ask the local appliance repairman for a referal. I imagine a person doing this in my neighborhood could CLEAN UP! Make sure you look very non-threatening and have a business card available.

Emergency Cash Generator #71 Christmas Wrapping This is one I have thought of before. I HATE to wrap. I find myself super busy at Christmas time and would gladly shell out a few dollars per package to have my gifts wrapped. Mr. Jones suggests marketing especially to men and advertising where men hang out, barber shops, dry cleaners, bars. There is money to be made here!

These are just THREE of the 101 GREAT ideas in the book 101 Emergency Cash Generators. There are dozens that will appeal to any personality.


The importance of networking (or the excuse to travel to San Diego for “business”!)

Mike Koenigs and me at Fusion conference

I had the opportunity to network all weekend with like-minded entrepreneurs in San Diego. There was a great conference promoting Fusion and Main Street Marketing.   Main Street Marketing involves helping small, everyday businesses establish an internet presence. Some people may be familiar with an earlier version of Fusion called Traffic Geyser.  Traffic Geyser is a tool used by internet marketers to get messages distributed easily and automatically online.

The learning that took place at this conference was incredible. Most incredible, however, was the opportunity to be around other people who earn a living working online. It is easy to feel isolated, sometimes, working all day from my home office. An event like this allows entrepreneurs to come together and share ideas and energy.

I highly recommend getting together and networking with people who have similar ideals and goals. The value is infinite!


Top Ten Reasons to Work at Home

Top Ten Reasons to work at home

It takes a lot of courage to exchange your pumps for slippers, but once you do the pumps may always feel a bit too tight.

Top Ten Reasons To Work At Home

10.) The Commute Fourteen inches of snow on the ground and commuters are slipping, sliding and swearing their way into their offices. The commute at home involves stepping over the cat and navigating around the laundry.

9.) The Food It isn’t exotic and the service is lacking, but lunch is always cheap and close.

8.) The Music Chosen according to your mood. Played as loud as necessary.

7.) Wardrobe No worries here, deciding between sweats and jeans takes only a minute.

6.) Colleagues The best co-workers imaginable; silent, agreeable and furry.

5.) The View Whatever you make of it. Laptops are portable.

4.) The Boss Nowhere in sight.

3.) The Breaks Can be taken whenever and where ever you choose. Pillows and blankets are encouraged.

2.) The Evening Meal Can be started during one of the above breaks. No Five O’clock rush to get through. No stress at dinner time.

1.) Meeting the Afternoon School Bus The absolute best part of the workday.


Hot Seat Interview with Jim Cockrum and Stuart Turnbull

Wow, what a great interview Jim, Stuart and I had.  It was audio-recorded and it is the third time I’ve spoken with internet marketers and had my call recorded!  It is amazing how I’ve actually gotten more comfortable with the idea of being recorded.  I listen to recordings all the time in an effort to learn and grow here online–being recorded really brings home the fact that we are all just real people trying to share ideas and information.

In the audio we spoke about publishing my upcoming book, Grocery Store Goldmines, and creating this blog as a background to start leading and teaching online entrepreneurs. We didn’t, however, talk about my latest and largest challenge–time management!  I am completely busy with keeping up my current local business and trying to publish this book.  Lastly, I have been given an opportunity to work with an awesome program, Mainstreet Marketing.  This program teaches how to become a successful leader in offline marketing consulting.  In other words, how to bring internet marketing to local businesses and profit while doing so.  I am super excited about this emerging field and want to try to see what I can create in the offline world.

All great, but honestly, I’m a bit overwhelmed.  Once again, time is short.  I just returned from a long-planned and highly anticipated trip to the Bahamas with seven of my great friends.  It was a fantastic vacation with almost no internet availability.  So it really forced me to relax, all great, but now I’m back into the thick of things.

Anyhow, after spending all of today trying to get a form uploaded to one of my websites, I just joined elance hoping to outsource this small (but difficult for me) task.  I have also interviewed a decent candidate to help me with office duties this week as well.  So, hopefully, I’m going to leverage myself a bit and actually relieve some of the stress that is going on in my world.