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I LOVE eBay!  It is the absolute #1 place to start an online business.  MANY of the super successful gurus you see and read can trace their beginnings to eBay.  It is a brilliant marketplace with millions of customers that is (almost) equally as friendly to you in your dining room as it is to mega corporations.  Whether you want to make a few extra dollars or create a million dollar business, you need to become familiar (or better yet, intimate) with this site.

We have sold over 20,000 items on eBay during the last six years.  Several times a day my phone makes a “cha-ching” noise indicating that an item has sold from my eBay store.  I still smile each time it goes off.

Grilled cheese sandwiches, old rusty lunchboxes, brand new diamond rings, Twinkies and Pop Tarts…everything goes on eBay.

If you are new to eBay I’m here to give you the basics-PayPal, Feedback and Listing  are the biggies.  I am saving you a bunch of start up time by sharing as much as I know in the articles and videos on this site.

There are dozens of articles covering everything from taking pictures, to listing titles to managing feedback.   Browse through and use it all.

I also have some YouTube videos that take your through the basics and delve into “what to buy” when shopping at thrift stores.

These links will take you to our videos:

Setting up a PayPal Account

Setting up an eBay Account

Finding Your First Products To Sell 

More Inventory–Goodwill Style!

Researching and Pricing Inventory

Taking Pictures For eBay

Weighing and Packing for eBay

Listing on eBay

If you are starting out on eBay or looking for additional ideas please read, watch, learn and most importantly, MAKE SOME MONEY!

My own eBay beginnings were in the food and beauty market.  My popular eBook, Grocery Store Goldmines, is now available to you for FREE!






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