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As your business starts to grow, you too will start to grow.  Your business can only become as large as you.  Do not aim for just a million dollars, aim to become a person large enough to earn a million dollars.  In other words, you have to grow in order to acquire the green stuff.

A great analogy involves a thermostat.  If your house is set at 72 degrees, what happens when you open the window? It gets colder (or warmer) for a while, but eventually the temperature returns to the 72 degrees.  This holds true for money as well.  If your money thermostat is set for a certain amount, say $60,000, you will always earn close to that amount.  It might vary up or down year to year, but until you truly change that money thermostat, you will earn your same $60,000 year in and year out.

Your income (money thermostat) will only get higher when you start to grow.

If you are like I used to be, you might be thinking to yourself, “yeah, yeah–whatever–I’ve heard all this positive attitude stuff  before.  I will just start thinking more positively.  Let’s move on to my real goal–making money!”   I know exactly how you feel–that was my attitude for quite a few years.  Until I “GOT IT.”

Once I understood the science and mindset of attracting wealth and opportunity, even just as an amateur, my income started skyrocketing.  And then I put the two together—new inner Wendy=new wealthier Wendy.  I liked this new me!

If the Wendy of 6 years ago were to meet the Wendy of today, I don’t think I would recognize myself–at least not from the inside.

Don’t  make my mistake–I wasted months spinning my wheels, looking for the next best business opportunity, when I should have been concentrating on my biggest asset–ME!   I BEG you–do not minimize the importance of personal development.   You MUST grow to change your business.    The options are infinite, inspirational and loads of fun.  You will get to know and love the most important person in the world–YOU.

Your income results will be on fast forward when you work from the inside out.

I am a completely different person today than I was 6 years ago starting  my eBay business at my dining room table.  I literally started shedding my old beliefs and mindset as the months went by.  I slowly started to change.  I morphed into an entrepreneur and I started raising the dial on my income thermostat.  Once I empowered myself to create an independent income, I felt so free!  I didn’t care if I was making $5 a day or $500 a day, it was money I generated without a boss or company to tell me what to do or how to do it.

I was standing at the shore of a limitless ocean of opportunity.

The largest change was in my attitude.  I started to see opportunities everywhere.   I also quit caring about what anybody else thought. For the first time in my life I followed my own lead.

I also started to become grateful for everything in my life–the good and the bad.  I now spend at least 15 minutes of each day reflecting on my blessings.  Even things that aren’t going my way have lessons and blessings within them.

I  began to seek out positive people and surround myself with only the best influences.  I turned off my TV (especially the news) and started reading every thing I could about personal growth.  I filled my minivan with CD’s and tapes by folks like Tony Robbins, Wallace Wattles and Zig Ziglar.  I attended seminars and lectures and sought out any chance to learn and better myself.

Spirituality, something I thought little about before this journey, is now paramount in my life.  I spend time each day communing with nature and God and thank them always for this amazing life.

Your growth financially will come only after your personal growth.  They go hand in hand. Your inner development is absolutely the most important aspect of growing your business.

As you continue your journey, keep a huge focus on your mindset,  be good to yourself,  and spend lots and lots of time learning about you.  It will be the best journey of your life.

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