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traveling for freeI have always loved to travel and am fortunate enough to have the freedom (no J.O.B.) to travel quite a bit.  An Amazon seller and friend of mine, Keith Crowe, introduced me to the idea of “travel hacking” or earning excessive points and rewards on credit cards and using them in the smartest way possible to earn free first class travel.

Whenever I hear about a great idea, I get almost obsessive and tenacious about figuring it out.

 I want to own as many good ideas as possible in this lifetime!

So, I have made it my new mission to explore and exploit the point system in credit cards to get my family a First Class Vacation to Europe. We will be brainstorming the details (with six people in the family, I am sure we will have to negotiate our goal)  and I will post our family goal right here!

In the meantime, it is important to start racking up these points.  I am using two Chase credit cards for my spending (Freedom and Ink) and am starting to pay attention to the categories that get 2% and 5%.  This means you get either 2 times the normal amount of points or 5 times the normal amount of points.   I am making small changes to help accumulate points in these categories.  For example, on the Ink card, Office Supplies earns 5%–that is FIVE TIMES normal points.  We were buying all of our office supplies at Amazon but Amazon does not show up as an Office Supply store and does not get the 5%.  So, easily enough, we will start buying our supplies at Staples (similar prices to Amazon and similar shipping) where it will show up as Office Supplies and get us our 5% bonus.

I am also not “cashing in” my points at the end of the month like I used to.  My understanding is that the travel benefits far outweigh any cash benefits.

Again, I want to earn first class FREE travel!

I will keep you all posted.  There is nothing like travel to ignite the soul.

UPDATE 9/2017 This has been SO MUCH fun! I have taken my family to Europe on points alone and I am enjoying first class travel most of the time (again on points!) The book has been written–congratulations Keith Crowe! Check it out for yourself at Travel Like A Millionaire


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